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Car Insurance Discounts

The cost of car insurance in the UK has been on the increase since the end of 2015. It is predicted that the increase will continue in the first quarter of 2016 due to stealth tax initiated by George Osborne. However, there are a number of ways of getting Everyone wants to make savings with car insurance discounts. Here are the tips that can get you huge savings with free quotes online. If you want to get car insurance at cheaper rate here are important tips to consider which should result a significant savings overall.

Look for the Best Offer:

Proven ways to Get Car Insurance DiscountsThe best way to get discount on car insurance is to shop for the best offers around. You can save hundreds of pounds if you check very well. While shopping around, you have to compare like with like. You may discover a policy, which may seem cheaper for you, but in reality, it is not, because it may not have the same coverage level. It is better to use an online comparison service like us when searching for an offer. Input the correct details when comparing costs. While searching for quotes, it is advisable to look for car insurance providers registered with the British Insurance Brokers Association. They will serve your interest better. However, we do provide free auto quotes for you.

Approach Individual Providers:

Secondly, try to approach individual insurance providers and get quotes from them. You can search for them online. Compare individual offers and make your choice based on the outcome of your comparison.

Ensure a thorough Comparison:

Thirdly, you must carry out a thorough and comprehensive comparison of providers. You should know that the lowest prices do not actually translate to getting the best deal in most cases. Research has shown that other charges like deductibles are often higher when you get lower premium charges. When you get a higher deductible, it could reduce the monthly car insurance cost charges. Search for multi car insurance discount that would be meaningful to you, as well as the type of vehicle that you drive. You can install tracking devices, anti theft devices like immobilisers and alarms to get some discounts from the insurance provider. Garage access, marital status, voluntary excess, multiple car insurance can result significant discounts as well. Sometimes it can make sense to combine your home insurance with your car insurance policy. Check and get specific codes available for each of the discounts from the providers. Car insurance discount codes are often available; you have to explore the best way of getting at them.

Compare Providers for Available Discounts:

Make enquires about all discounts available with the various car insurance providers. If you are a young driver, you can pay more for car insurance, because it is assumed that you are prone to have an accident than aged and experienced drivers are. Because of this, some insurance providers do roll out additional discounts for young drivers. You can get these discounts when you get additional qualification that can increase your driving skill. Some of the additional qualifications include attending driving courses, becoming a certified driver, obtaining further educational qualifications and when you lower your annual mileage, you can get discounts. There are discounts offer extended to women who are making the first car insurance purchase. This is not available in all providers, you have to explore that and select those that provide it and utilize the opportunity.

Provide Accurate Information:

When supplying your insurance policy information, it is advisable to tell the truth, because lying could increase the charges you pay, and it can even lead you to jail. Avoid anything that can attract extra costs.

Simple Ways to Get Car Insurance Discounts:

Happy Couple after Car Insurance Savings

  • Discounts are always available; because of this, it is not advisable to accept a renewal quote. Always shop around and try to get a new deal as a new customer.
  • It is better to pay monthly if you are not charged for privileges. If you get a provider that charges you monthly, it could be cheaper for you in the end. Form the habit of comparing before making your final choice.
  • Allow enough time before you decide to renew your plan. It is known that many providers in the country have formed the habit of increasing charges when it comes closer to insurance renewal. It is better to start the renewal at least 28 days before the expiration period; you can get it cheaper at that time.
  • Furthermore, you have to input the correct job title to pay less and possibly get discounts. A homemaker for instance should not say that he is unemployed, because doing that will attract more premium than required.
  • Use your driveway or garage if you have one. However, you should tell your insurance company about it when you are obtaining quotes from them. You will see that it will cut down on the cost. Insurance companies love it when you garage your car instead of parking it outdoor.
  • Before you choose a third party only policy, you have to check other things along such as prices, theft, and fire. Third party only insurance plan is not the cheapest. Insurance providers always assume that you are a higher risk for opting for third party policy.
  • Add another driver to the policy. This could lower the risk, especially if you add an experience driver. If you name the driver, it could save you some pounds. It is another saving tip.
  • Avoid overestimating your total annual mileage. It is better to be sure than overestimating. You can check your last MOT status and that can help you to make a better calculation to avoid overestimation.
  • In the case of a special requirement such as modified or an expensive car, always compare specialist insurance brokers for the possible benefits they offer. The same thing is applicable to young drivers, teachers, students, and military car insurance discount. Check specialists’ providers, compare their charges and their discounts, and determine which provider will satisfy your needs most.

These tips will assist you to get car insurance at discounted rates. Remember to contact insurance companies directly and not rely on comparison sites. You can get better deals when you contact them.

Good Student Driver Discount

Car Insurance Discount for Good Student GradeOne of the most difficult aspects for students getting car insurance is how expensive it is for young drivers between 18 to 25 years old. This is the age range that statistically cause the most number of accidents based on their inexperience which only time can improve. Therefore, it may seem difficult to impossible to get inexpensive car insurance for students. However, there are ways to lower the premiums so that you can pay less and get proper coverage.

Student Driver Discount:

One way to save on premiums is by qualifying using the good student driver discount. If your grades are at or above a pre-determined average, you may receive a significant discount for your insurance coverage. Each insurance company will have their own set of parameters as to what qualifies for the discount, but generally speaking you will have to maintain a high grade point average in order to qualify.

While most insurance companies offer some type of incentive for providing discounts to students with high grade averages, Tesco and The Co-operative Insurance are two of the most noted with the latter providing savings that may reach 20% depending on your grades and other considerations.

There are other ways that students can save on their car insurance such as the following:

Minimum Insurance

If you own your vehicle outright, then you can get the minimum required insurance which is third party, fire, and theft. It is considerably cheaper than comprehensive insurance, but it will not cover the damage to your vehicle if you were at fault. If your vehicle is not very expensive, this may be the perfect type of insurance for your needs.

Temporary Insurance

This is the type of insurance that covers you for certain times of the year. This is often used for motorcycle insurance as during the winter there is less incentive to be on the road. However, there is a similar policy for drivers who only use their vehicles during particular times of the year and if you qualify it can save you a considerable amount of money.

Wheel Locks & Black Box

If you live in a high-crime area, getting wheel locks or other types of immobilisers should provide a discount to your insurance rates. Any type of approved safety measure can save you money on your insurance policy.

A black box in your vehicle which monitors your driving, including how often you operate the vehicle and rewarding safe driving skills. While somewhat restrictive, you can save a considerable amount of money when having this device installed especially if you are an infrequent driver.

Drive a Less Expensive Vehicle

A run of the mill car is going to be far less expensive to cover than a high performance sports vehicle. So, if you have yet to purchase a vehicle, buy one that is robust, but much less expensive to cover for insurance purposes.

Add another Driver to the Policy

This is a common way to lower the insurance rates by adding an older, experienced driver to the insurance policy. This works because the assumption by the insurance company is that you will be splitting time with the other driver which means less time on the road to become involved in an accident.

No Deposit Policy

The students are not supposed to have a lot of money in pocket to pay lump sum upfront for car insurance. This is why no deposit car insurance is an excellent way for them to save money. Read here more about how you can obtain car insurance without deposit and pay affordable premium monthly.

Car Insurance for Foreign Drivers in the UK

There is some confusion when it comes to the rules and regulations regarding international or foreign drivers in the UK and this includes obtaining car insurance. However, obtaining car insurance for foreign drivers is not that difficult and offers considerable benefits for those visiting the UK for a substantial period of time.

Driving on Foreign Licence in UK:

Getting Car Insurance in UK with Foreign Licence

I’ve Got a Foreign Driving License, Can I Get Car Insurance?

For those who have a fully valid driver’s licence from their own country, you will be able to drive in the UK for at least one year. At that point, you will need to exchange your licence or take a driving test. Exceptions include those who hold a licence from the European Union or European Economic Community may drive until their licence expires and do not have to take a driving test. There are other exceptions that may apply to your particular situation, but in essence if you plan on staying in the UK for longer than a year then you will need to obtain a UK licence unless you qualify for the exception above.

Will You Need Insurance?

It is a requirement that you have car insurance if you are driving your own vehicle even if you only plan on driving occasionally or stay in the UK for a relatively short time. There are three types of car insurance in UK with international license;

  • Third Party Basic Coverage
  • Third Party Fire & Theft
  • Comprehensive

The basic coverage includes damage to other vehicles and property that you cause, your vehicle is not included. The second level adds fire and theft coverage to your vehicle while comprehensive covers essentially all damage including to your vehicle which is often required if you have a lien on your automobile.

Even if you bring your own vehicle, you will still need basic third party coverage when driving in the UK. If you are driving a vehicle owned by another person such as a friend or relative, your name will have to be added to the policy which will almost certainly drive up the cost of the insurance premium.

Cost of UK Car Insurance for Foreign Drivers:

Unfortunately, finding affordable car insurance in the UK if you have a non-UK licence is somewhat difficult. It has less to do with your driver record which may be immaculate and more to do with the rules and regulations governing European car insurance in the UK. This is because it is considered a higher risk for those not experienced on UK roads which in turn will drive up the insurance costs.

However, you can find discounts if you shop around and find insurance companies that specialise in foreign drivers. Some will even include your driving record from your home country if you have no claims in the past several years as it will provide a discount. Plus, if you have a European driver’s licence, you can swap it out for a UK one in six months and get a discount.

Ask your insurance agency what other tactics are available to provide a discounted rate to your UK auto insurance policy.