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American Car Insurance

Every year a considerable number of American cars are imported to the UK and they need to be properly insured just like their domestic counterparts. You will find all types of American vehicles in the UK from muscle cars to pickups to small compacts and more. There is no typical model of an American vehicle, but they all need to be insured in order to drive in the UK.

The Issue with American Vehicles

The rub in finding car insurance for American manufactured vehicles starts with the fact that many UK insurers will not provide policies for them. There are a number of reasons why, but for the most part US vehicles are manufactured to different standards than what is found in the UK. Insurance companies are naturally hesitant to insure such vehicles because of two reasons;

  • Higher performance potential
  • High cost of repairs

Basically, directly comparing American and UK vehicles such as compacts, pickup trucks, or sports cars for example will mostly demonstrate that US vehicles have more powerful engines, drive at faster rates of speed, and therefore are more likely to be involved in accidents as compared to the equivalent UK vehicle. Furthermore, a specialist will be required for a repair which is why insurance for American cars can be 20% or higher than UK counterparts depending on a lot of different factors.

Finding Affordable American Car Insurance in UK

Insurance for American Car in the UKThe first step is searching the insurance companies in the UK that do carry insurance for American vehicles. In most cases, the requirements for getting the insurance is the same although with some companies there may be a minimum age limit of 25 before you can get the insurance. There are ways you can save on your insurance costs if you consider the following;

  • Do not modify the vehicle
  • Keep it in a locked garage
  • Get a limited mileage policy if you do not drive it often

Going with the minimum required insurance will certainly save you money over the more expensive policies. However, one important consideration is getting breakdown coverage which will allow you to get roadside assistance which can be quite valuable when stuck out in the country.

One very important step is getting an agreed value for your American vehicle on the policy. Not getting such an agreement may lead to a dispute between you and the insurance company as to the true value of your car or truck.

Classic American Car Insurance

Although it may seem counter-intuitive at first, in some ways it is easier to insure a classic American vehicle in the UK as opposed to a standard one. This is because classic cars like the 1965 Ford Mustang for example will be driven far less on the road because of its inherent value. You will need to talk to the insurance company about getting the best rates for your classic car, especially if you are not going to be driving it very often.

Overall, you can insure your American-made vehicle, but it will cost considerably more than domestic counterparts for a number of reasons. Be sure to get as many American car insurance quotes as you can in order to find the one that works best for your budget.