Car Insurance Claim Process

Learn How to Claim for Car InsuranceIn the case of a car accident, a claim should be made to the insurer. It is best to not delay in the submission of a car insurance claim. Procrastination will only increase the time period of finalising the claim. There are certain facts to be aware of, as there are specified processes involved in a claim. There are various insurance companies, but their claim procedures are similar. In order to avoid incorrect submissions one can confirm the needed documentation with the specified company. The following information is a guide that can be of assistance.

The car insurance claim process comprise of the following steps, where one should:

  • Report the accident,
  • Complete a form,
  • Provide an honest account of the exact details,
  • Submit up-to-date particulars of those involved in the accident,
  • Include photographs of the scene of accident and car’s condition,
  • Refer to the original documentation of current policy,
  • Retain duplicates of all documentation,
  • Be cooperative in the finalising period.

The list may seem daunting in particular areas. Do not despair, as insurance companies are there to assist in every step that needs to be taken. The accident should firstly be reported to the police department and then to the insurance company. The details should be specific and clear in every report that is given. The form can be completed personally (in writing or online) or telephonically, as assistance is a call away.

Giving an honest account of the exact events is of vital importance. Do not withhold any information, no matter how insignificant it may seem. In being truthful the claim process will be resolved much faster. All the documentation that is needed in the process should have duplicates that are kept safe. This is in the case of any misfiling or documents getting lost, which can cause the process to take longer. A duplicate can also assist in the event of referring to any of the information – as questions arise – in the time that it takes for the claim to be finalised.

Not everyone that has just had an accident thinks of taking photographs of the scene. Do not let this be a cause of worry. Photographs are an additional help, but not needed in submitting a claim. Photographs of the car’s condition, however, can be captured afterwards. This will assist the company to evaluate the damage. A professional will then be asked to assess the damages suffered by the car.

Does Car Insurance Premium Increase after a Claim?

After making a claim on car insurance there is the probability of an increased fee for the subsequent car premiums. The decision to increase the premium’s rate depends on the particulars discovered in processing the event of the accident. These particulars include the result of who is found liable for the accident, the specific premium plan chosen, and also any previous claims made. This information will be added to the car owner’s history, which will impact future rates.

Read and make sure to understand the insurance policy. This will help in the prevention of any fallacies and frustrations in the event of an accident claim. The result being that the claim can be processed faster.

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