Good Student Driver Discount

Car Insurance Discount for Good Student GradeOne of the most difficult aspects for students getting car insurance is how expensive it is for young drivers between 18 to 25 years old. This is the age range that statistically cause the most number of accidents based on their inexperience which only time can improve. Therefore, it may seem difficult to impossible to get inexpensive car insurance for students. However, there are ways to lower the premiums so that you can pay less and get proper coverage.

Student Driver Discount:

One way to save on premiums is by qualifying using the good student driver discount. If your grades are at or above a pre-determined average, you may receive a significant discount for your insurance coverage. Each insurance company will have their own set of parameters as to what qualifies for the discount, but generally speaking you will have to maintain a high grade point average in order to qualify.

While most insurance companies offer some type of incentive for providing discounts to students with high grade averages, Tesco and The Co-operative Insurance are two of the most noted with the latter providing savings that may reach 20% depending on your grades and other considerations.

There are other ways that students can save on their car insurance such as the following:

Minimum Insurance

If you own your vehicle outright, then you can get the minimum required insurance which is third party, fire, and theft. It is considerably cheaper than comprehensive insurance, but it will not cover the damage to your vehicle if you were at fault. If your vehicle is not very expensive, this may be the perfect type of insurance for your needs.

Temporary Insurance

This is the type of insurance that covers you for certain times of the year. This is often used for motorcycle insurance as during the winter there is less incentive to be on the road. However, there is a similar policy for drivers who only use their vehicles during particular times of the year and if you qualify it can save you a considerable amount of money.

Wheel Locks & Black Box

If you live in a high-crime area, getting wheel locks or other types of immobilisers should provide a discount to your insurance rates. Any type of approved safety measure can save you money on your insurance policy.

A black box in your vehicle which monitors your driving, including how often you operate the vehicle and rewarding safe driving skills. While somewhat restrictive, you can save a considerable amount of money when having this device installed especially if you are an infrequent driver.

Drive a Less Expensive Vehicle

A run of the mill car is going to be far less expensive to cover than a high performance sports vehicle. So, if you have yet to purchase a vehicle, buy one that is robust, but much less expensive to cover for insurance purposes.

Add another Driver to the Policy

This is a common way to lower the insurance rates by adding an older, experienced driver to the insurance policy. This works because the assumption by the insurance company is that you will be splitting time with the other driver which means less time on the road to become involved in an accident.

No Deposit Policy

The students are not supposed to have a lot of money in pocket to pay lump sum upfront for car insurance. This is why no deposit car insurance is an excellent way for them to save money. Read here more about how you can obtain car insurance without deposit and pay affordable premium monthly.

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