Did You Know That You Can Invalidate Your Car Insurance By Defrosting Your Windscreen?

Drivers in the United Kingdom have to be mindful of defrosting their windscreen since police are cautioning that car insurance premiums might be invalidated if things are done incorrectly.

It’s worth taking the right amount of time to defrost your car’s windscreen, given that poor work can get you fined.

A driver might land a fine as much as 60 pounds if they don’t remove all their windscreen ice completely before they set off. However, if a driver leaves their car with the engine running on the side of the road while they defrost, they likewise risk losing 20 pounds in a different fine.

Recent fronts of cold weather mean that motorists need to give themselves more time every morning to defrost the windscreen of their car correctly in order to be safe to get on the road. Time restraints can cause negligence that might result in additional issues shortly thereafter.

Authorities are warning motorists that cars left unattended for windscreen defrosting can get stolen, and car insurers might not pay out for this. In fact, police in Staffordshire have provided local drivers with a specific list of instructions they should use to avoid winter-morning car theft. One of them specifically deals with drivers that are trying to warm up their cars in the morning.

Given the icy weather that’s coming up soon, you might make the easy mistake of leaving your car to defrost with the keys staying in the ignition while you head back indoors to warm yourself up. Despite the cold, it’s better to remain with your car, considering that if someone steals it while unattended and unlocked, your insurer is more than likely to refuse the claim you file.

Also, the Road Traffic Act makes it a legal offense to leave your vehicle while idling and stationary, so you do risk a fine, even if your car isn’t stolen.

If you do own a vehicle, then it’s only a matter of time before there’s a day where you must defrost windows before heading out in the morning. Using a scraper and/or de-icer is the safest, and also the best, way to clear off your windscreen. You can also speed up things by warming the glass gently with circulating air-conditioned air, activating any heated rear options you have for screens and mirrors, and also starting up your engine.

Just make sure you never leave your vehicle sitting alone with your keys in the ignition. Also, double-check to verify that your windows and windscreen are defrosted totally before you start driving.

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